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To enable supporters to find you and the event you are registered in, we have made the following guidelines.  You must undertake the following steps in order to build your own fundraising page and have people support you via the website and credit card payments.

To create your own fundraising page, please follow the directions below, or download this sponsorship form to collect and process all check and cash donations

  1. Login to our website by clicking on Member Login on the home page or click this link https://www.z2systems.com/np/clients/p4h/login.jsp (Use the same credentials you used in creating your account or registration to login)

  2. Once logged in select fundraising page from the drop down menu in the top right of the page.

    p4h drop down menu

  3. From this page select create a new team.

    Create Team

  4. Create a new team name (MAKE SURE IT IS SOMETHING YOUR SUPPORTERS WILL IDENTIFY AS YOU!).  When you have named the new team, make sure you link the campaign field to the event you are partaking in.   If you want from here you can also add another person to maintain the admin account for the team…
    Link Campaign

  5. Once you have completed this, send your contacts an email directing them to the correct event donation link at http://www.p4h.org/index.php?idp=8.

  6. Supporters should then be able to go to the correct event on the above page enter their information, billing address and credit card info and then select your name from the "team or individual" drop down list on the donate page.
    Team Link
  7. To collect and process all check and cash donations for your P4H fundraising goal, please download and use this sponsor form.

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